April 24 through Sept. 2, 2014: the dates of Joshua M. Powell’s Pacific Crest Trail hike

132: total days hiked

2,653.3: total miles hiked

25.1: miles hiked per day

35.2: most miles hiked in a single day

484,422 feet: elevation gain

483,408 feet: elevation loss

13,153 feet: highest point (Forester Pass)

0 feet: lowest point (Columbia River)

5,394: photos taken

36: showers in 132 days

17: blisters

107: songs stuck in his head

3: bears seen

Most enjoyable section
Stevens Pass to Stehekin in Washington

Least enjoyable section
McArthur-Burney Falls Memorial State Park to the McCloud River in Northern California

Road crossings
8 interstates
35 highways
67 paved roads
133 unpaved roads

Favorite toponym of the PCT
Inconsolable Range

Most common way people mistakenly refer to the Pacific Crest Trail
Pacific Coast Trail