Photographer: Yoshiki Nakamura

Photo taken: March 30, near Spokane

Photographer’s description: “Based on aurora forecast and weather forecast, I decided to go to an old church near Spokane to capture the Northern Lights. It had been cloudy until near sunset time. After sunset, the north side of the sky became almost completely clear, and the Northern Lights show started not long after. A soft filter was used to enhance the bright stars. I feel my photo god was with me again. I was extremely fortunate that I could take this photo. Nikon Z9, FTZ II, 24mm f/1.4G ED, ISO 800, 8 sec at f/1.4, Softon-A filter.”

Critique: “The Northern Lights never fail to amaze, and this is a marvelous representation of why. The shimmering bands of color take center stage here, and almost appear to remain in motion despite the constraints of still photography. The lights are made to stand out nicely, framed by the black night sky and the silhouetted foreground. The interloping clouds wisping their way across the image are a nice touch, as well. Overall, this image is nicely composed and well-executed. Thank you for thinking of Reader’s Lens again!”

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