THE SCENE AT the Stan Sayres Memorial Park boat launch in Seattle’s Seward Park neighborhood is pretty quiet for a summer afternoon.

A lone angler casts a line at the end of the pier without much luck, so he moves on in search of a better spot. A kayaker arrives next, and I make some quick lines as she sails off under the sun. Then comes a large motor home with two jet skis on the rear trailer, a promising sign that I might have more things to draw before I get a sunburn.

Summer at the park that honors local hydroplane racing legend Stan Sayres can’t feel the same in the midst of a pandemic. With Seafair canceled, there won’t be thundering hydros gliding over the water or devoted fans crowding the Seward Park shoreline to watch.

But the spectacular setting hasn’t changed.

On those few days in August when this shoreline normally becomes a giant outdoor arena, locals will continue to enjoy the park like the rest of the year, playing in the sun and, perhaps, daydreaming about next summer.