Photographer: Gary Settle

Photo taken: Sept. 21, 2021, in Kingston

Photographer’s description: “My wife got me up this morning with, ‘Come see the moon. It’s glorious.’ As soon as I saw what she meant, I grabbed my slippers and camera and rushed out on the deck. Hovering above a thin fog, the moon was slowly setting behind the Olympic mountains. The camera is a Nikon D7500, 80-200 mm zoom at 110 mm. ISO 800, 1/500 at f5. It was 6:51 a.m.; chilly; and, except for the thin fog, clear as a bell. I thanked Janice for getting me up.”

Critique: Longtime readers surely will recognize the name of former Seattle Times photographer Gary Settle. Thanks for thinking of us in your retirement! I think we’re all glad Janice got you up, as this is beautiful. The details are crisp in the moon and mountains, and the striations of color are gorgeous throughout. I like how the fine mist of fog casts the slightest of veils over the landscape. I played around with cropping and zooming, and I kept wanting to crop it so the moon was centered and a little more prominent. Maybe come about 25% in from the right and 15% up from the bottom. Thanks for the spooky photo to share with our readers this Halloween.

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