Photographer: Laura Dillaway

Photo taken: Aug. 20, 2020, Bellevue Botanical Garden

Photographer’s description: “During COVID shutdown, the Bellevue Botanical Garden has become a haven for me to encounter nature and unexpected things to photograph. On a walk there one evening in August, a friend pointed out the sap dripping from a fir tree. I loved how the light was shining through it, so l made this image with my Canon 80D, 100 mm macro lens, at ISO 1000, f/4, 1/400s.”

Critique: “This photo beautifully captures the oozing sap, slowly dripping from the tree. The focus is perfect, and the light is exquisite. I love how, as the drips continue to guide our eyes downward, the photo keeps getting more and more interesting, finishing with the slowly accumulating dollop of sap at the bottom. Very cool. Thank you for sharing!”

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