It’s a true test of time with a condensed, complete physical workout that will have you sweating and working hard.

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I AM WILLING to spend a couple hours at the gym, but I also have days where my schedule is packed, and I need a short, intense workout.

A new studio, FIT36 in Ballard, is designed for those days.

The workout actually takes about 45 minutes, to accommodate technical instruction, warm-ups and the cool-down, but trust me when I say even 36 minutes can feel like a long time.

I went to the PowerPull class, which focuses on pulling strength. I put on a provided heart-rate monitor, and trainer Tommy Jerome took us through the 12 stations. The stations were set up to work leg strength, then biceps, a quick cardio burst, core work and some pullups. You stay at each station for one minute, with a 30-second period of rest and transition in between.

I partnered with Carmen, and we started with lunges on a box, weighted with kettlebells.

I was happy we started with legs; it’s always a good way to get moving. We worked lunges with one leg on the box while holding a kettlebell, then moved to a lunge station on the floor. I skipped an added hop in the lunges, deciding it was better to back off in intensity at first.

After lunges, we moved into biceps curls. I took a heavy bar, thinking I would be fine, but about 45 seconds in, I realized I should have picked up lighter dumbbells instead.

The real moment of regret came after the row-with-weights station. We were at the wall sit station with medicine balls, sitting with our backs against the wall and using our core to slam the ball diagonally against the wall behind us. I looked down at the medicine balls and offered Carmen the 10-pound one, taking the 14-pound one for myself.

I instantly rued this choice. My biceps were tired from the curls and the row, and while Jerome came over to encourage us to use our core for the wall sit, my arms were on fire, and using my core didn’t alleviate the burning in my arms. I had to keep pausing and taking deep breaths.

I was relieved to head to the sumo-squat station, until I realized there were more curls. I went light on weight.

Around this time, I realized we had to do every station twice. I sighed, quietly, and wondered how much this workout might hurt the next day.

The cardio burst was my favorite part — and cardio is never my favorite. We did hops side-to-side on a ladder on the floor, then mixed jumps with squats on a bosu ball.

By the time we reached planks on an exercise ball, I was happy to work anything other than my biceps. With Jerome reminding us about quality reps over quantity, and to take breaks, the pullups were a good technical challenge.

We moved to lat pulls on TRX straps, and I focused on pulling from my back and shoulders, rather than my arms.

Our 12th station was a bend-over fly, with dumbbells to work our shoulders. I wondered whether it was the hardest station, or I just would have felt that about any station at the end.

And then, we had to do it all again. I lightened my weights for most stations, because I was interested in walking the next day. When we got to the medicine-ball wall sits, a second 10-pound ball magically had appeared. Yes!

My ladder hops were probably less vigorous this time around, and I took more breaks, but dare I say the second round felt easier?

Thirty-six minutes didn’t feel short. But if time is your real challenge, FIT36 will give you a complete physical workout. You will sweat, work hard and move on with your day.