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Could have sworn I saw a wine fridge at Costco. Sworn it. Just the right size, right price.

So where the heck is it?

“Computer says we have five in the store,” the guy says. “Let’s go find ’em.”

But we don’t.

Our guy calls in his woman. Her badge says “majors manager.” She has a walkie-talkie, and she walks and talks with purpose down the appliance aisle. Past refrigerators and freezers on the left, Cuisinarts on the right.


She leans back, studies big brown boxes swaddled in plastic wrap.

Not there.

Computer’s never wrong, though. We’re stumped. They’re stumped.

She says, “We gotta call The Ferret.”

The who?

“The Ferret. We call him The Ferret. If it’s in the store, he’ll find it. Always does.

“This is a mission for The Ferret.” It’s in quotes, and therefore she really said it just like this. She barks into the walkie-talkie: “Get me The Ferret. Aisle 108. Customer waiting.”

Ferret comes running. Darts right past all of us. Runs to the end of Aisle 108. Points.

And there they are.

She turns to us and points at him, “The Ferret.”