Finding deeper meanings behind a family’s Inside Passage adventures.

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IN THE BEGINNING, this story felt straightforward, but in a different way than it ultimately turned out. My initial point of reference was Nate Dappen, for whom the Inside Passage was a story of adventure, and brotherhood, and family more generally.

The end product hits on all of those themes, too, but at its core, this is really a love story.

The life together of Nate’s parents, Sara Scherr and Alan Dappen, is admirable, the type of collaborative and empowering relationship all of us shoot for. It also had some rocky points they had to push through. Their lives weren’t set in amber in the summer of 1974 on a scenic stretch of water off the coast of British Columbia, as simple as that might have made it as a storyteller. They’re all the more real and relatable for that.

THE FULL STORY: How a canoe trip shaped a young romance, a family and a new adventure

Talking to the Dappens made me want to take more risks, and hold fast to the important relationships in my own life, and I hope their story has a similar impact on you.