Colin McCrate and Lorene Edwards Forkner will entertain, inform and inspire in GROW, their new Pacific NW magazine garden column.

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REPLACING THE GREAT Ciscoe Morris in our pages will not be easy. Luckily for all of us, Ciscoe isn’t the only gardening guru in Seattle.

We’ve got two experts ready to step in, with what they call “a weekly dose of garden inspiration and information,” beginning in next week’s Pacific NW magazine.

Lorene Edwards Forkner is an author, speaker and editor who calls herself a hands-in-the-dirt gardener with a passion for plants. She’s also a great writer who has experience in retail nursery and garden design.

Colin McCrate is the co-founder of Seattle Urban Farm Co. He’s a writer whose focus is on edible plants. Seattle Urban Farm Co. designs, builds and maintains edible landscapes.

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They’ll alternate writing weeks in their new column, which we’re calling GROW. Stories generally will fall into one of four categories — human profiles, plant profiles, environmental literacy and resources. Their stories will be entertaining and informative. Trust me.

Lorene and Colin are both looking forward to connecting with gardeners of all levels. Lorene will focus on beautiful public and private landscapes, and share information about favorite plants for our Northwest gardens. Colin’s interests will lean toward annual and perennial edibles, and he also promises a little horticultural history.

We’re thrilled to have these two writing for us.

We’re sad to see Ciscoe go, but don’t worry: He’ll still have plenty to do. He’ll be busy writing his next book; lecturing; making TV appearances; and, well, just being Ciscoe.