WE’VE HAD SO MUCH good stuff to eat in and around Seattle this year that narrowing it down to a top-10 list seemed practically impossible. The decision to limit our deliberations to newer places (or, in the case of Imperial Garden in Kent, those under new ownership, with newly incredible whole ducks to eat) didn’t seem fair, but it did seem necessary.

Seattle’s 10 best bites of 2019: Our restaurant critics share the dishes they loved the most

We wanted to pay tribute to some of the deliciousness we found during 2019 at places that have been around longer, but paring down all those possibilities was daunting, too. Then we found one obvious — albeit odd — way to go. So …

Sandwiches We Loved in 2019

• Bethany very much enjoyed the classic B.L.T. upgraded with avocado and Macrina bread at longtime Queen Anne favorite The 5 Spot (and the just-right French fries — not too skinny, not too fat — that came with it).

• Tan found that Salumi’s porchetta sandwich is still great, pork scented with fennel and garlic, roasted for 16 hours (!) then tucked into fresh ciabatta along with pickled and sweet onions.

• Bethany would like to remind everyone of the existence of the majestic grilled Reuben at Market House Meats in Denny Triangle (with its “WORLD FAMOUS CORNED BEEF / SINCE 1948”).


• Tan declared the prime-rib sandwich available at Metropolitan Market, made with 21-day-aged beef, arguably the most underrated sandwich in Seattle — and the city’s best sandwich value at $11.99.

• Bethany loved eating all of the Japanese-style sandwiches on the bar menu at Adana on Capitol Hill — chef Shota Nakajima changes the selection every so often, and Bethany is hoping for the return of the glorious fried oyster version.

• Tan found a very worthy fried chicken sandwich at tried-and-true Ma’ono, now at Rachel’s Ginger Beer on Capitol Hill and in University Village as well as West Seattle — one loaded with extra umami by way of soy-sauce powder, ground shiitake mushroom, tomato powder, garlic, dried seaweed and Kewpie mayo.

In sandwiches we trust,

Bethany Jean Clement and Tan Vinh

Seattle Times restaurant reviewers