Now that there are so many of us Seattle citizens, a plea for civil behavior.

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I WANT YOU to behave.

The Seattle Freeze is old news. Takes a year to make a friend, nobody really means “let’s get together,” you can’t admit you don’t have a dog — yeah, we know. We’re on to bigger things. We’ve grown, and grown into Seattle Rude.

This essay sprung from Facebook posts, party chatter and overheard rants by overheated residents. With the city’s phenomenal growth, the consensus seems to be: Not only homebuyers have been squeezed out; courtesy has, too. Not only is there no place to park; there’s no room left on our sidewalks, public transportation and roads for consideration for others. Sometimes, it seems, people don’t even acknowledge there are others.

The full story: It’s time we all learned how to be considerably more considerate in our newly congested city

Can we lay this at the feet of newcomers? Or is it long-timers with their, um, traditional Washington driving habits?

Causes might be hard to pinpoint, but the solution isn’t. We’re living in a real city now. People are coming. The residency door didn’t close right after you. Hold it open, would you?