Then you should rock these 10 trivia questions on the band’s early days.

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Pearl Jam will be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame on Friday. In Sunday’s Pacific NW magazine, we took a look at the band’s first year. Now, test your knowledge of early Pearl Jam history. In honor of the band’s first album, you get “Ten” questions.

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(Glen E. Friedman)


1. Where did Pearl Jam (using a different name) play its first show?

a) The Moore Theatre

b) The Off Ramp Cafe

c) The Gorge

d) A wakeboard festival near Orting


2. Who was Pearl Jam’s first drummer?

a) Dave Abbruzzese

b) Dave Grohl

c) Dave Krusen

d) Ringo Starr


3. Which of these bands did Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament play in before they were in Pearl Jam?

a) Mother Love Bone

b) My Name

c) Girl Trouble

d) Seaweed


4. What was above the basement that served as Pearl Jam’s first rehearsal space?

a) KeyArena

b) Black Dog Forge, an ironworks shop

c) The OK Hotel

d) Paul Allen’s house


5. In which 1992 movie did Eddie Vedder, Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament appear, as members of the band Citizen Dick?

a) “Singles”

b) “Wayne’s World”

c) “Home Alone 2: Lost in New York”

d) “Honeymoon in Vegas”


6. Where is London Bridge Studio, where Pearl Jam recorded its first album?

a) London

b) Lake Havasu City, Ariz.

c) Belltown

d) Shoreline


7. The now-defunct Seattle dance club where Pearl Jam held the release party for “Ten” went by many names. What was it called on Aug. 23, 1991?

a) Polly Esther’s

b) Phantom

c) Element

d) Level 5


8. Before Pearl Jam, what was the band’s name?

a) Mookie Blaylock

b) Vlade Divac

c) Pervis Ellison

d) Pooh Richardson


9. Where did the band announce its new name, Pearl Jam?




d) Snapchat


10. RKCNDY, where the video for the song “Alive” was filmed during a live Pearl Jam performance, closed in 1999 and was replaced by which of these?

a) a Jimi Hendrix statue

b) Safeco Field

c) a Starbucks

d) a SpringHill Suites by Marriott



1) b

2) c

3) a

4) b

5) a

6) d

7) b

8) a

9) c

10) d