Photographer: Elston J. Hill

Photo taken: July 28, 2020, in Burien

Photographer’s description: “Confined to our neighborhood during the pandemic, my wife and I walk the same route every morning. Over a four-month period, it is fun to watch different species of flowers come and go. A neighbor had the most beautiful red poppies But the petals are all gone, and what remains of the poppy is a fascinating seed. Shot with a Canon 1dx Miii with a Canon 180 mm macro lens.”

Critique: “I really like this photo and your accompanying description for the story it tells. I’m sure you and your wife will remember your ‘pandemic walks’ for a lifetime. In addition to making me ponder the profundity of life, this photo left me impressed with the way you see the world. The colors are spectacular in their perfect, muted way, and your exposure is spot-on. I think we could crop a little (a smidge off the left) and give it more pop(py), but this is a beautiful photo. Thank you for submitting!”

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