WE ALL KNOW Lake Union, Green Lake, Lake Washington and Lake Sammamish. But how many other lakes within a 25-mile radius of Seattle can you name?

At the risk of ruining what might be a well-kept secret for those who live nearby, here’s a scene from beautiful Lake Ballinger in Mountlake Terrace, just across the King/Snohomish county line.

The activity on this bucolic late afternoon could well have inspired French postimpressionist painter Georges Seurat to create a pointillist masterpiece, like “A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte,” from 1886.

Here, no one is wearing Victorian-era long dresses or tall hats, thankfully. But the ensemble of people enjoying the lake is just as interesting to observe. In the distance, I see a little girl gently gliding over the water on a pink, flamingo-shaped float. Closer to me, it’s ducks vs. humans jockeying for prime shoreline wading. Over the ample grassy area that covers most of Lake Ballinger Park, I see people reading books, sharing a picnic or getting ready to launch their paddle boards and kayaks.

It all goes to show that though fashions might change, some things, like the need for leisure and relaxation, never do.