Photographer: Mauricio Cerna

Photo taken: Feb. 20, on the Seattle-Bainbridge ferry

Photographer’s description: “Shot on an iPhone. My wife and I were coming back from a day trip to Bainbridge Island.”

Critique: “This is a cool perspective of Seattle’s gorgeous, viaduct-less waterfront. There’s a lot of impressive detail in this composition. The whole photo really takes advantage of the tension between symmetry and asymmetry. Using the machined lines of the ferry itself to frame the jagged skyline is a cool technique. I also like how the Seattle Great Wheel is centered in the left ‘pane’ — and how the Space Needle is right behind it, dutifully playing its role as the crown of Uptown. This is a great example of a photo that is both artfully and technically excellent. Thanks for submitting to Reader’s Lens!”

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