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“Basically, the goal of this remodel was to try to remain as faithful as possible to the original Bumgardner design, but take the opportunity to open the space up to increase natural light and a sense of spaciousness, as the house is pretty modest, especially for a family of four [Todd and Katie Hass and their two school-age sons],” La Fon says. “We looked to the original Bumgardner drawings for inspiration, but then adapted them to the new layout.”
— Sandy Deneau Dunham, Pacific NW associate editor

Originally published July 21, 1957
By Margery R. Phillips, former Pacific Northwest Living writer

LAKE FOREST PARK proved a delightful setting for the new home of Mr. and Mrs. I.E. Ray.

They wanted a compact, easy-to-care-for house and a large flower and fruit garden.  

The house was oriented on the site by the architect, A.O. Bumgardner, to provide a plan of 1,540 square feet, a paved patio for outdoor living, a colorful flower garden and a large area for vegetables and fruit trees.  

Thus, in the leisure years of life, the Rays have a pleasant suburban setting for year-round living, indoors and out.
In the contemporary “shell,” the Rays have put their traditional furnishings. Interesting color combinations and the use of deep-toned mahogany backgrounds combine the styles in an effective way.
Accent tones throughout are white, gray, charcoal, lilac and purple. To bring in the colors of the evergreen setting, the living room is decorated in beige, brown and moss green.