I was so happy to see your article on White Center Heights Park (Plant Life, "A Park for All People," Nov. 18). I worked six of the seven...

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Remade park vandalized

I was so happy to see your article on White Center Heights Park (Plant Life, “A Park for All People,” Nov. 18). I worked six of the seven days of the ultimate park makeover and now feel like the park is “mine.”

Unfortunately, vandals destroyed several of the beautiful glass endcaps on the fence posts surrounding the community gardens. If you would like to know more about this sad incident, see my latest blog post: http://linda-wallace.blogspot.com.

Thank you for telling Seattle Times readers about our lovely new park.

— Linda Wallace, Seattle

Putting Burma experience into words

I just read Paula Bock’s article on volunteering on the Thai-Burmese border (“Out of the Comfort Zone,” Nov. 4). I just wanted to thank you so very much. It really touched me. I feel like you were able to put to words what I have had such a hard time expressing.

I have traveled to Burma. I have friends there that I miss dearly and hope to go back soon. Your eloquence in explaining the longing you feel, and the basis of friendship that motivates your time spent there really touched me. I appreciate your acknowledgment of the complexity of helping in any circumstance, and the necessity of returning, because “80 percent of being a friend is showing up.”

— Kirsten McMenamie, Victoria, B.C.

Two sides to this old house

The article in “Now and Then” Oct. 28 (“To Raze or Rescue?“) featured the home that my husband and I own. It was a very informational article and very well written. But I do feel the undertones of “save this house.”

Carol Tobin has been very active in saving this house from upcoming development. One thing she has never done is contact us directly and try to work out a win/win option. She has painted us to be a “Big Developer” decimating the hill. This is so untrue. We are a family of five, my husband is a builder and has been for over 30 years. We struggle each day like everyone else.

This piece of land was purchased over 30 years ago by my father-in-law, whose dream it was to build on it with his son when the time was right. This project is what puts food on our table and our three kids through college. It doesn’t buy us a beach house or summer home in Chelan, as some may like to think. My husband is native to Ballard and has built many fine buildings in Ballard. We have even lived up on the hill and enjoyed the community.

— Donna Gronvold, Shoreline

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