Photographer: Jack Gilday

Photo taken: May 28, 2022, at Gesa Stadium in Pasco

Photographer’s description: “Olympia High School wins its first state baseball championship ever! Olympia High School beats Puyallup 7-6 to claim the 4A state championship! After a hard-fought game, it all came down to a play at the plate, with Olympia tagging out Puyallup!”

Critique: “I saw a video clip of this and had to watch it a few times, just to soak in the moment. Your picture of ‘the tag’ is a rare example of a sports photo in Reader’s Lens, but this is great. It’s technically sound, and it tells us a story. You could get the reader’s eye to the action more quickly if you cropped off some of the top, and I would love to see a hint of home plate, but this is a good sports photo of a neat moment. Thanks for sharing!”

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