Photographer: Gloria Z. Nagler

Photo taken: May 28, 2020, in Lake Forest Park

Photographer’s description: “Courageous Jumping Spider confronting nosy photog! We have 86 species of jumping spiders in our area, so named because they pounce on prey rather than trap prey in webs. Their two central eyes are identifiers, though they have eight eyes in total. Used my Olympus M1X with 60 mm macro lens, ISO 2,000, f/4 at 1/400.”

Critique: “While I’m glad I’m not eyeball-to-eyeball with a jumping spider at the moment, I am glad to see this view through your lens! Your use of light and color and contrast is consistently good. The spider seems almost giddy or playful, perhaps because it knows it’s about to be famous? As far as this wonderful photo goes, I would like to see a good bit of the background cropped out (30% or so?) so our attention is more focused on the eyes and hairs and other, some might say, creepy details of Mr. Jumpy the Newly Famous Spider. Regardless — great job, and thank you for gracing our pages with your images again.”

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