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ADD SOME NEW outdoor seating to your yard this summer with a refurbished picnic table from RE Store.

Designed and built by the Seattle reuse store’s REvision Division, which takes materials that would otherwise hit the landfill and gives them new uses, this traditionally styled picnic table is perfect for outdoor entertaining.

Eberhard Eichner, REvision lead designer/builder, made the table in Bellingham a year ago, using bleacher board from Nathan Hale High School’s old gymnasium seating. Then the table was set outside, and the team hoped it would hold up in the elements. The fir board was lined with Masonite, which didn’t survive the Seattle weather test. So this spring Seattle designer/builder James Taylor freshened it up, stripping the tabletop and seats of their lining, but leaving the vertical pieces as is, to keep some of the bleacher board’s character.

The RE Store’s outreach and marketing manager, Bray Hayden, emphasized not only the environmentally friendly nature of the table but also its classic design and clean lines. “Part of the beauty of a picnic table is its simplicity,” she said.

Dimensions: roughly 6 feet long by 9 feet deep

The price: $200

Find it: The RE Store, 1440 N.W. 52nd St., in Seattle; online at

Paige Collins is a Seattle Times news producer. Dean Rutz is a SeattleTimes staff photographer.