“Seattle Now & Then: The Historic Hundred” (2018, Documentary Media), the 244-page coffee-table book by Paul Dorpat and Jean Sherrard that compiles a “best of” distillation and updating of the weekly “Now & Then” columns in Pacific NW magazine, has won three awards:

• The Independent Book Publishers Association Ben Franklin Awards, Silver for Regional Books.

• The Independent Publisher Book Awards, Bronze for West Pacific/Best Regional Non-Fiction.

• The Association for King County Historical Organizations Virginia Marie Folkins Award.

Details, including video of the AKCHO award presentation, can be found at pauldorpat.com/seattle-now-and-then-the-historic-hundred/the-awards/.

For more information on all aspects of the book, visit pauldorpat.com/seattle-now-and-then-the-historic-hundred/.