Photographer: Blaine Amidon

Photo taken: March 15, 2021, at Deception Pass

Photographer’s description: “Conditions looked promising for a nice sunset, so a friend and I made the 90-minute drive up north to Deception Pass. Things fell into place very nicely for us as the sun dropped down where we anticipated, and there was a very nice orange tint in the sky as the sun set. Taken with a Nikon Z7 with a 150-600mm Tamron telephoto lens.”

Critique: “Welcome back to Reader’s Lens! This is really well done. My favorite part is probably how you nailed the exposure. The highlights aren’t blown out, and the shadows aren’t overdark. This is exemplified by the sun’s reflection along the waves, and how you’ve preserved so much detail there. I think we could zoom in 20% or 30% so the gorgeous center of the photo can dominate a little more without losing the feeling of the whole sky being awash in orange. Regardless, super cool. Thanks for submitting yet again!”

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