I write in regard to your Nov. 14 ("Good Neighbors") cover story about neighborhood bistros written by Nancy Leson. The sketches of the restaurants...

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Eager diner seeks more info

I write in regard to your Nov. 14 (“Good Neighbors”) cover story about neighborhood bistros written by Nancy Leson. The sketches of the restaurants, as well as the accompanying photos by Jacqueline Koch, make these spots very appealing. And, indeed, having dined at some of the bistros mentioned in the article, I can agree with Ms. Leson’s assessments.

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However, considering that this article was under the cover headline “Dining Out 2004,” I feel that significant information was missing. Beyond listing name, address, phone number and in some instances a Web address of the subject restaurants, there was no mention of handicapped access, days and hours open, (lunch?), parking availability, menu price range, reservations (required or suggested or none), and which credit cards are accepted.

This type of information is a significant and necessary part of a restaurant sketch or review.

Lacking it puts a burden on the restaurateur fielding phone calls for this information and on the potential patron having to write it down and save it.

I would hope that this would be mandatory information in any future Dining Out issue.

Bonnie Maloney,

Making delicious out of ‘making do’

Of all the fancy, unique, specialty restaurants and gourmet recipes featured in your Nov. 14 edition (“Good Neighbors”), the one most fascinating to me was Heather Lockman’s story about helping in the feeding of the hungry in Olympia.

It takes a lot of ingenuity and practicality to “make do” and make something delicious out of whatever haphazard donations of foodstuffs are available. It also is a much more heart-warming story to read and be inspired by at Thanksgiving time; the season is a spiritual expression of gratitude and sharing, not just an excuse to stuff ourselves physically. But I know I’m not in the same league as these chefs; I can have a good date with my husband feasting on a baked potato and fish coupon at Skipper’s.

Mouth-wateringly yours,

Elinor Meeker, Seattle