Photographer: Blaine Amidon

Photo taken: Aug. 29, 2020, at New Dungeness Lighthouse near Sequim, Washington

Photographer’s description: “I spent a week at the New Dungeness Lighthouse and was hoping to do some astrophotography. But heavy fog rolled in that required a change to my plan. The lighthouse beams and fog seemed to be an obvious choice. After trying several settings, I was able to get this shot. Taken with a Nikon D750, ISO 5000, f/2.8 and 2 second shutter speed.”

Critique: “This is beautiful and eerie, and is one of those photos that makes me remember the very origin of the word ‘photography’ — in essence, ‘drawing with light,’ which you’ve done here superbly. Not bad for a ‘Plan B’ photo, eh? You can practically feel the mist of the fog under the beams of light, and the buildings are perfectly exposed as they blend into the night’s shadows. And, for those who are able to see this at high resolution, I see a few stars way up in the sky, so it looks like you might have done a little astrophotography after all. Thanks, and nicely done.”

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