Photographer: Lois Long

Photo taken: Aug. 4 at Red Bluff Bay, Baranof Island, Alaska

Photographer’s description: “Moonstruck at anchor in Red Bluff Bay. Cruising Alaska with our friends, this is their boat, Moonstruck, which they bought from us in 2019. I love the monochrome look, stillness of the water and morning fog drifting over the bay. Photo was taken with an iPhone 8 Plus.”

Critique: “This is gorgeous, and it must have felt like a magical moment for all involved. I also like the monochromatic effect. The subtlety of the colors makes a lot of room for interplay between light and shadow, a nice example of which would be the striations of clouds and trees. I played with cropping this image and liked a squarish version that took out some sky and foreground and focused our attention more on the middle area, where all the ‘action’ is. In any case, this is super interesting, and we’re grateful for your submission!”

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