Photographer: Yoshiki Nakamura

Photo taken: April 16, 2021, Rattlesnake Lake, North Bend

Photographer’s description: “Both Aurora Borealis and weather forecasts indicated potential observation of Northern Lights. I decided to capture it, and went to Rattlesnake Lake, where lake and open sky can be viewed in the north. I was very fortunate to be able to capture the Northern Lights during my two hours of shooting. Nikon D850 14mm, ISO 2000, 13 seconds at f/2.8.”

Critique: “It’s nice to see your name pop up in Reader’s Lens yet again! (Regular readers will recognize you from several past stunners, including the 2019 Reader Photo of the Year.) This is another, ahem, stellar example of your work. This is easy to get lost in, and you can nearly see the shimmer of the Aurora in this still photo. I might consider cropping it more tightly, from the left and bottom, to give a little more prominence to the Northern Lights and the stars above, but I like the framing that the terrain provides, as well. Regardless, this is spectacular. Thank you once again.”

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