Photographer: Sue Ellen White

Photo taken: March 18, 2021, on Rich Passage in Puget Sound

Photographer’s description: “Rain’s OK when you’re kayaking because you’re already wet. Spring rain and sun bring rainbows, and I caught this one on an afternoon paddle on Rich Passage with my iPhone 12. Repeated boat maneuvers were needed to keep the boat in the center of the rainbow.”

Critique: “Your tenacity with the boat maneuvers clearly paid off. What a shot! Rainbows over the water have graced Reader’s Lens in the past, but the driving rain (under mostly sunny skies, no less) really adds a cool element here. I urge our readers to view this on a screen as large as possible and see if they feel as transported as I did. I think you could slice a little off the top of the photo and not lose any of what makes this work, but that’s a minor nit. Great work!”

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