KEXP DJs ( did us a favor and came up with a playlist of their favorite winter-themed tunes by local artists.

Why does snow glow blue? How could a fly possibly survive high-elevation elements? Join us for an exploration of Washington’s winter wonders.

Minus the Bear: “Hooray”
The Turn-Ons: “Strange as Snow”
Asahi: “The Snowman”
Modest Mouse: “Grey Ice Water” 
Bing Crosby: “White Christmas”
Harry Grillo: “Snowfall on Seattle”
Fastbacks: “In The Winter”
Kent 3: “Winter”
A Frames: “Ice Cave”
The Lights: “Ice Course”
Death Cab for Cutie: “The Ice is Getting Thinner”
Fleet Foxes: “White Winter Hymnal”
Death Cab for Cutie: “I Was a Kaleidoscope”
The Halo Benders: “Snowfall”
Damien Jurado: “The Falling Snow”
Tres Leches: “Nieve”
Blue Scholars: “Coffee & Snow”
Tacocat: “Snow Day”
Elliott Smith: “Angel in the Snow”
Tomo Nakayama: “Paper Snowflakes”
Rudy Willingham: “Snow”
New Age Healers: “Snow Angels”
Unbunny: “Snow Tires”
The Royal Oui: “Dirty Snow”
Generifus: “Snowman”
Skin Yard: “Snowblind”