Photographer: Thad Caperton

Photo taken: May 7, at the Montlake Cut

Photographer’s description: “New(ish) to the area and learned of the rowing event through a traffic update and rushed with my camera and dog to the Montlake Cut to capture a few shots of the race. As rowing wasn’t a thing in the sticks of Mississippi, where I grew up, a refreshingly friendly woman sitting behind me was kind enough to share a little about the sport, including that the University of Washington has one of the best rowing programs in the world. Fun day!”

Critique: “On behalf of our readers, I’d like to welcome you and your camera to Seattle and thank you for gracing us with this lovely vignette from opening day of boating season. This is a quintessentially ‘Seattle’ photo, which is what I like about it — it really sets a scene. There’s a lot of nice detail here for those who look closer, and the image is a neat study in depth of field — from foreground to background. The ‘rule of thirds’ serves you well here (top third: bridge; middle third: neighborhood; bottom third: water), and I also like the balance created between the bridge support on the left and the foreground branches on the right. It all combines to point the eye deeper into the image. Nicely done.”

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