Photographer: Russ Stamp

Photo taken: May 31, 2022, at Steptoe Butte

Photographer’s description: “Made the trip to Eastern Washington from our home on the Olympic Peninsula. After researching different areas of the Palouse to photograph, I knew one of the places I wanted to photograph was Steptoe Butte. After spending most of the late afternoon on top of the butte with mostly flat light, we began to make our way down the road when this light happened. So thankful to witness light like this, considering we were only there a few days. Shot with a Fuji X-T2 and 55-200 mm lens.”

Critique: “The Palouse in the spring is one of my favorite sights/sites in all of the Northwest, and this definitely does justice to the area’s reputation for stunning beauty. I’m glad you caught a break with the light, as the colorful softness of it fills the entire frame. I also like the pop of contrast that the massive wind turbines provide, but this is all about that sweet, sweet light. Nicely done, and thanks for thinking of Reader’s Lens!”

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