by Paula Bock photographed by Benjamin Benschneider Pucker up! Lipsology is the latest psychic science, a kiss-and-tell favorite at Seattle-area...

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Pucker up! Lipsology is the latest psychic science, a kiss-and-tell favorite at Seattle-area parties. West Seattle’s Jilly Eddy developed and trademarked the art of analyzing people’s lip prints to reveal personality, energy, potential. Her collection of more than 10,000 lip prints includes smooches from June and Johnny Cash. Overbooked during peak party season, she entertains at Microsoft and graduation bashes, private parties and garden shows, on Navy bases. Between gigs, she talked about what she does:

I started collecting lip prints in 1981 for fun, like other people collect autographs or baseball cards . . . I’ve always liked lips. To me, the lips are so much more personal than an autograph or e-mail. It’s an intimate thing to give someone. What’s making this so popular is that people are missing that. . . .

Can you tell anything about a person from their lip prints?

Chinese face readers have a lot to say about that; they have an idea of a perfect mouth. But I decided: In lipsology, there’s no perfect mouth. It’s about giving insights and affirmations and helping people see themselves in a different light that empowers them.

My mom’s a professional hand reader. She entertained in Hollywood. She’d say: Jilly, it has to do with the lines. This is the life line, heart line, head line. I decided I was going to figure out if lip prints have anything to say. Talk to me.

You see that blip (in the center of an upper lip) that looks like a hot dog? Hug pucker. People who have that in their lip print aren’t getting enough affection, need more support. I found there were different sizes, if you will . . .

Divot in bottom lip: Loves food, excellent cook, great sense of humor, wonderful laugh, sentimental, romantic, not a cheap date.

Large lip prints mean you don’t like to do things halfway. Small lip prints: Detail-oriented. Thin upper lip? Picky, picky, picky. Cupid’s bow: Doesn’t like to be told what to do. Round prints like harmony. Diamond mouths: Extremely competent, wonderful mentors, generous.

Vertical lines: Stress.

White dots: Seeds of change.

People like to hear about themselves. They like acknowledgment of who they are and that they are. Wherever I go, lines form.