LIVING BY THE sea has inspired the way our family works, eats and lives. Good food is all around us — at low tide, under rocks, deep in the ocean, swimming up rivers. It can grow on the beach, in garden beds, on the tundra or in the forest.

Good food can be fresh and simple, like salmon pulled straight from the sea that is seasoned with a sprinkle of salt and cooked over a driftwood fire on the shore. Good food also can be creative — unlikely ingredients combined in a single pot on a boat’s small galley stovetop. It can be resourceful, like a fresh batch of yogurt started with a spoonful from an old one. It can follow tradition — a family’s smoked salmon recipe or sourdough starter passed down through generations.

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Good food is eaten with recognition of the natural bounty that has provided its nourishment.

We wrote this book, “The Salmon Sisters: Feasting, Fishing, and Living in Alaska,” to share our fishing family’s love for cooking and to honor Alaska’s wild bounty with stories, recipes and artwork. From memories of our mom smoking salmon on our homestead to learning how to cook at sea, we offer a glimpse into our unique upbringing and way of life as fishermen.

We hope it makes our readers feel more connected to the people working hard to bring seafood to their tables, more aware of the edible wild plants and ocean creatures around them, and inspired to make some of our favorite simple and flavorful recipes.