Photographer: Paula Bock

Photo taken: Sept. 6, 2020, at Kerry Park in Seattle

Photographer’s description: “Amid pandemic, political storms and racial wrongs, I took a long gaze on a clear night, comforted by stars shining above — and the Earth still turning below — the petty pace of day-to-day life. Human light. Flights on journeys far and farther. Olympus E-M1 Mark II, live composite, 4,000+ one-second exposures.”

Critique: “What a perfect photo to put a cap on the 2020 edition of Reader’s Lens. One of my first thoughts when I saw this was, ‘The world is still turning,’ and there was a measure of comfort there. One of my favorite things about this is how we see our city from a familiar vantage yet a totally new perspective. The juxtaposition of humankind against nature is cool, and lines from the air traffic are fascinating. This is poignant and interesting, and I don’t even have a criticism. Thank you for sharing this with us!”

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