Date nights getting dull? Try dinner and some movement.

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SOMETIMES, MY HUSBAND, Chris, and I find ourselves in a date-night rut on the weekends — we go to dinner or watch a movie. In the summer, we might get motivated to go for a walk.

While I enjoy relaxing at the end of the week, I also love it when we get inspired to spend time together with creative activities that include movement. It changes up our routine and livens up the conversation.

Here are my favorite suggestions for an active date night, ones we’ve done, and ones I have on a list for future reference. They are perfect for getting out of a rut, and useful if you’re looking to wow a special new someone with your creative ideas.


Roller and ice skating fall under this category. Having grown up ice skating, I prefer the challenge of roller skating. My husband prefers ice skating. We compromise sometimes for each other. I have found the local rinks all have evening skates with music, with roller rinks adding fun games, too. Skating doesn’t require lessons, though a quick intro session helps you get the hang of it more quickly, and emerge with fewer bruises.

Dance class

We haven’t taken on a dance class, and I know it would be a fun challenge. The options for dancing, especially partner dances, are wide open. It also should spark lots of new ways to communicate nonverbally. I recommend taking on a style of dance that neither of you has done before, with options including swing, tango and salsa. Start with an intro class together to make it a regular weekly date night.

Flying trapeze

This is on my wish list. Bond with your partner over the whoosh of adrenaline as you swoop down over a net, hanging on to a thin, metal bar. You’ll challenge yourself mentally, convincing yourself to leap off a platform high in the air, while also learning to get your legs over the bar and hang upside-down while swinging back and forth. You might even learn a catch, where a coach swinging on another trapeze grabs your arms. And when doing it with your partner, you both get to celebrate conquering any trapeze- or height-induced fear.

Ropes course

Ropes courses are designed to push communication to new levels. Do it with a partner, and you might notice habits in the ways you communicate. You might be tempted to bicker, but when balancing on ropes high in the air, it helps to take a deep breath and speak more clearly with your spouse or partner to successfully get across a challenge.


In the summer, this is the perfect way to while away a warm evening. Grab a rental, and your sweetie, and spend time on the water. You’ll get a new vantage point. You’ll also work up an appetite paddling around and challenging your balance and core, so pack a picnic, or grab a quick bite, to call it a night.


You read that right. If your partner is competitive, like mine is, a matchup might be what you need to add a kick to your date nights. You can sub in other paddle sports, like tennis or Ping-Pong. But pickleball is my favorite choice because the equipment is cheap, you can play outside, and it’s easy to bring in friends and make it into a competitive showdown. Play doubles with your partner, if you dare.