THE BACKSTORY: Checking in on a larger scale, with bigger, deeper, better updates on some of the people and places Pacific NW magazine has visited.

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THE HOLIDAYS are such a wonderful time to check in — even if the only “Hey; you still there?” cards we get anymore are from our newspaper delivery person.

Traditionally, we at Pacific NW have checked in at the end of the year on select cover stories and subjects through a little feature we call “Postscripts.” We bundled brief updates with our other time-honored year-end wrap-up, “Pictures of the Year,” and called it an edition.

This year, though (you might have noticed), “Postscripts” is not as little. This year, you’ll find a wider variety of topics, and writers. And, in one case, actual news that reaches back even further in time, to a 2016 story by Tyrone Beason on the fatal police shooting of a Mexican farmworker in Pasco.

We also check in on a few of our favorite Northwest people and places: Seattle musician-on-the-rise Whitney Mongé; University of Washington student Mackenzie Andrews, who studied addiction to help understand her family’s sometimes-troubled dynamics; and teeny-tiny private Hat Island, where the “news,” still, is that there never really is much.

As for our trademark intensely sense-of-place, only-in-these-parts topics, we revisit some persistent (and recently encouraged) peace protesters, UW’s innovatively collaborative program to help autistic students find jobs, and deep-breath efforts to find our own sense of peace behind the wheel in ever-more-stressful traffic.

Plus, next week, we’ll have more room than ever for Pictures of the Year.

We usually are not fans of simplistic cliché-like phrases, but here are two exceptions:

1. Win-win.

2. Checking in matters.

Thank you, sincerely, for checking in with us this year.

(P.S.: One quick additional, traditional postscript, since we’re all nostalgic now: It’s also a great time of year to tip your newspaper delivery person.)



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