Photographer: Steve Russell

Photo taken: Sept. 2, 2022, at Chambers Bay, University Place

Photographer’s description: “Male blue-eyed darner dragonflies usually spend nearly all their waking hours patrolling for food or females, but on occasion will take a break and perch on cattails or other pond vegetation. I happened to catch this one briefly stretching out his abdomen (‘tail’) during an unusually long break. I shot this handheld with a Sony A1 camera and 100-400 mm lens while standing shin-deep in the pond.”

Critique: “First, thanks for another memorable contribution to Reader’s Lens. This one floored me a little bit, as I’ve spent many a summer afternoon watching dragonflies do their ‘patrolling’ but can’t remember seeing one ever bend up like a wannabe scorpion. I’ll definitely be paying more attention now! Thanks for getting wet for this photo — it’s a neat moment; it’s technically excellent; and, at least to yours truly, quite informative. Thanks again for sharing.”

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