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WINE LOVERS can be the easiest or hardest people to buy Christmas gifts for. Either we want a lot of books, gadgets or bottles of wine, or we have everything we need.

I tend to think we’re easy to buy for. And every year, a number of gadgets hit the market. I’ve picked out six for your consideration, many of which will fit in your favorite wine lover’s stocking.

Aermate: The Aermate ($38) is a clever tool to easily add oxygen to wine and spirits. A bit of oxygen on a young red can quickly soften tannins and bring out aromas. This works rather simply by dipping the wand in a bottle or glass and squeezing the rubber bulb on the end. In an instant, the wine will temporarily foam up, and the results are immediate. (

Vinoair: If you don’t want to get your decanter dirty but still want to aerate a young wine, the Vinoair ($20) is a compact tool that fits into the top of any regular-sized wine bottle. It has the dual purpose of adding air to young red wines and also being an elegant-looking pourer. My suggestion: Take it to a restaurant with you to fully enjoy a bottle of red wine. (

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Savino: This carafe has a float that sits atop your wine, keeping oxygen away. When you pour, the wine comes out, but the float stays in place. This solves the age-old problem of what to do with that leftover wine that will otherwise go bad in a couple of days. Pour an entire bottle into Savino, then store in the fridge (if it’s white) or leave on your counter (if it’s red). Don’t use with sparkling wine or you’ll be sad. ($80 for the glass version, $40 for the acrylic;

Vino 911: I’m constantly spilling on myself, so Vino 911 ($6) is a great little 2-ounce spray bottle of red-wine stain remover. This works on clothes, carpets, tablecloths, fabrics, etc. Within a few minutes, you won’t be able to tell you spilled. It easily fits in a purse or the glove box of your car. (

Vino2Go: This is a sippy cup for adults. It holds a glass of wine but has a top, not unlike a travel coffee cup. It’s perfect for the beach, a picnic or if you don’t want to risk having to use some Vino 911. ($13;

VinniBag: Flying is a pain. Trying to bring wine home is nearly impossible, since you can’t carry it on with you. VinniBag ($28) is an inflatable bag that protects a bottle of wine or other liquids in your checked suitcase. It’s durable and reusable. It stores flat, then inflates around the bottle. So take it with you to Italy, and when you return, ditch your socks in favor of that bottle of Vino Nobile di Montepulciano. (

Andy Perdue is a wine author, journalist and international judge. Learn more about wine at