Loved the article ("A New Industrial Revolution," March 9). Green is sexy and chic. Please do more articles about the local green movement...

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Loved the article (“A New Industrial Revolution,” March 9). Green is sexy and chic. Please do more articles about the local green movement. The more publicity the better. I live in Bellevue, and I have been e-mailing the City Council to use the funds from the Neighborhood Enhancement programs ( to install green projects.

— Troy Van Lienden, Bellevue

Hey, that’s the big idea!

I was born and raised in the Methow Valley (Twisp, Okanogan County). Currently I am a college student at the University of Chicago. I simply wanted to thank you for writing on the importance of Washington state (“Building the Big Ideas,” Jan. 27).

As a student from the West, in a college of mostly Midwestern and Eastern kids, there are very few people who understand that when I say I am from Washington, it means Washington state. Consequently, everyone who knows me knows I am from Twisp and of the many achievements of the state.

I think that the people of Washington state, especially those from the East, often forget about their importance as a place for contemporary ideas and creations. This is an easy thing to do when you look at the West as dominated by California and the nation as dominated by the East. But I often cite our state’s lack of a trade deficit with China, our two female senators and governor, the countless national businesses, hydroelectric and nuclear power and the like to spread the impact of Washington.

Thank you for giving me a little more to say.

— Andrew Bulmer

University of Chicago, Economics

A tale of determination

In 1996 my class had the pleasure of having Helen Szablya share the incredible story of her family’s escape from Hungary (Portraits, Jan. 27). She told a gripping tale that had my students holding their breath as one impediment after another was overcome on their journey to freedom.

Your readers might like to read a fictionalized account of this episode in the book, “The Fall of the Red Star,” written by Helen Szablya and Peggy King Anderson (Boyd Mills Press, 1996). The book is written for upper elementary and middle school, and would be enjoyed by all ages as a tale of courage and determination.

— Jan Sherwood, Redmond

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