Photographer: Lee Harper

Photo taken: Oct. 16, 2022, in Poulsbo

Photographer’s description: “A local farmer was selling flowers, and I was drawn to a bouquet of dried Scabiosa. They were intricate and delicate and made for a great subject against the brown grass in my yard. Shot with a Canon R5, 100 mm macro lens, F10, ISO 250, 1/400 sec.”

Critique: “This flower … it reminds me of a dandelion hiding behind some banana slices, which brought a grin to my face. But in seriousness, I quite like the photo as well as the story behind it. The flower itself is intricate, as you said, and your exposure got it exactly right. The composition is fantastic, too, with the nice, clean background and the flower sort of bisecting the image without the need to be totally centered. Interesting and cool. Thank you for sharing!”

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