Photographer: Dennis Westover

Photo taken: Dec. 30, 2021, on the Skagit River near Rockport

Photographer’s description: “Planned a trip to the Skagit River near Rockport to photograph bald eagles but became concerned when a snowstorm the week prior made travel difficult. Set out for Rockport with dark skies and snow-covered roads, only to have the clouds part as we arrived. The eagles were active, and we enjoyed perfect light and lots of great photo opportunities. I captioned the image, ‘Who are you, and what are you doing here?’ “

Critique: “Well, thanks to your dedication, our readers can be treated to this sweet comic relief by our feathered friends. This frame is so easy to anthropomorphize, as if the trepidatious bird is approaching the obviously judge-y eagles in hopes that they all might hang out … or perhaps they just want the same piece of fish. Either way, this is nicely lit; well-composed; and a neat, funny moment. Thanks for continuing to share your photos!”

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