IF THIS WERE one of my usual columns, I would tell you about the scenic Elliott Bay Trail, which you can enter at the Olympic Sculpture Park, right there where Echo’s face lights up with the evening sun. I might also tell you how much I enjoy running this path from here to Interbay and back.

Or I’d share that I was not the only spectator sitting on the grass and watching people go by on this sunny afternoon. Just a few feet from me, an Eastern cottontail rabbit (those guys are everywhere, aren’t they?) also had turned his attention to all the activity. He didn’t go unnoticed. A kid got off his scooter to take a photo, and so did his dad. I didn’t go unnoticed, either. A couple of roller-skaters, Deb and Don, saw me sketching and stopped to say they’ve been following my sketches in The Seattle Times for years. How nice to hear that.

But this is not one of my usual columns. I have asked my editors to retire the feature, so it is actually my final contribution to The Seattle Times as “Seattle Sketcher.” Drawing and writing a newspaper column for 12 years has been the highlight of my career, but I’m ready for new challenges as a staff artist at the newspaper. If you liked the column, you still can follow my art on social media at instagram.com/gabicampanario.