Photographer: Andrew Thomas

Photo taken: July 10, 2020, at Birch Bay

Photographer’s description: “Comet NEOWISE rising at dawn over Birch Bay on the morning of 2020-07-10. As an extra bonus, a hunting heron slowly worked its way into the frame and then held still for a three-second exposure.”

Critique: “This is incredible, and easily my favorite photo of NEOWISE thus far. This photo has so many layers — literally and figuratively. My eyes see horizontal sections that make up an extraordinary image: The top layer is the comet and stars. Then we have the clouds/Earth’s atmosphere, followed by the mountains, forests, the bay and the beach. Each layer tells its own story, and together they make a really impressive photo. From our deep-space visitor to the heron in the foreground, everything about this makes me say, ‘Wow’ — great job.”

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