Photographer: Russell Coney

Photo taken: Oct. 28, 2020, Sequim Bay near Blyn, Clallam County

Photographer’s description: “Looking across Sequim Bay from East Sequim Bay Road, near Hardwick Point. My best friend was visiting, and we were witness to this beautiful sunset. This was taken with my Pixel 4a. No enhancements.”

Critique: “This year has been anything but serene (and this was written four weeks in advance, so who knows what’s happened in the interim!), so this tranquil, pretty photo is a welcome sight. The composition and color are great, and I really like how, for such a peaceful scene, there’s a lot of detail to be found as your eye absorbs the image. I’d experiment with cropping it a little more horizontally and see what that looks like, but it’s pretty cool how it is. Also, I keep thinking this photo would make a pretty killer jigsaw puzzle. Thank you for sharing!”

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