The Backstory: At her Seattle startup, Armoire, Ambika Singh works mostly with women. Everywhere, she works to lift them up.

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AMBIKA SINGH warned me the first time we met: She curses. A lot. Would that be a problem?

Nah. We can’t really print swear words, anyway. So she didn’t worry about letting them out.

And that’s what I found compelling about Ambika — she is exactly who she is, all the time. There’s no pretense or putting on an act.

I met Ambika while striving to tell a story about the challenges female founders face getting their businesses funded. This is a topic many dance around, but Ambika feels it is important to talk about.

It’s refreshing to interview someone who speaks her mind candidly, and genuinely wants to lift up the women around her.

Ambika and her team of (mostly) female employees were having a late-night work party a couple months ago, chatting about what it is like to work with nearly all female co-workers.

Mostly the same as the alternative, they said — though there is a level of comfort that comes with it. They worry less about their appearance, and focus more on getting their jobs done.

Plus, there’s slightly more wine than beer in the communal startup fridge.