Photographer: Colleen Powell

Photo taken: Aug. 6, 2021, in Kirkland

Photographer’s description: “When our first rain in ages tapered off, I grabbed my camera to capture the droplet-covered flowers in my neighborhood. This hydrangea looked decked in diamonds. Taken with Canon T3i and Canon 100 mm f/2.8 macro lens.”

Critique: “While selecting a photo for this week’s Reader’s Lens, I was thinking we were about due for a macro image, and — behold! This is mesmerizing to me, and I hope to some of our readers, as well. The color palette is remarkably interesting, and the details are crisp and exquisite. Every so often, I’d like to make a jigsaw puzzle out of a Reader’s Lens photo, and this is one of them. Gorgeous. Thank you for submitting!”

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