Photographer: Dale Johnson

Photo taken: June 23, 2021, from the south end of Vashon Island

Photographer’s description: “I had scouted for the best location to capture the latest full moon rising over Mount Rainier. The south end of Vashon near Point Dalco looked to be just right. The weather was looking good, so my friend and I hopped on the ferry and found just the spot to set up. Shot with a Nikon D850 camera and Nikon 200-500 mm lens.”

Critique: “Nicely done. Your scouting definitely paid off, and the weather cooperated perfectly. The color is brilliant, and I love the detail at every level — from the texture of the moon, to the crags of the mountain, to the depth of the hills and even the cranes at the port. The moon’s reflection is a nice, shimmery touch. Gorgeous. Thank you for sharing!”

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