Photographer: Sarah Bergquist

Photo taken: July 30, 2022, at Naches Peak Loop Trail at Mount Rainier

Photographer’s description: “I’ve become a sunset hike person — you don’t have to battle for parking spots, and you get shots like this without needing an extra cup of coffee. This was a leisurely hike at Mount Rainier with the beargrass in its full, sun-kissed glory. Shot on a Fujifilm XT-20 using an XF16-80 mm lens.”

Critique: “Well, this looks like a marvelous way to end a day. The light here is just so exquisite (sun-kissed glory, indeed!), and you captured it perfectly. There is so much detail and nuance, and it’s cropped and framed with elegance. The sunlit beargrass is truly the highlight, but I hope people appreciate the wealth of detail hidden in the shadows. Well done, and thank you for submitting!”

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