WHEN I MOVED to Seattle in 2013 with my wife, Jill, I was practicing law as a litigation attorney, my original career.

Soon I discovered a love for hiking and backpacking — and outdoor photography — in the Cascades. Eager to experience more of my new “home” mountain range, I learned the fundamentals of mountaineering, which led to a more intimate relationship with the North Cascades.

By 2015, after much deliberation, I decided to end my career as an attorney and start my own business focusing on outdoor photography. I developed my photography business while traveling the world. My love for my home range, the North Cascades, remained steadfast.

So when North Cascades National Park celebrated its 50th anniversary last year, I decided to take on my 50 Peaks project, which I completed in five months, from May to October. In addition to shining a light on this unique national park, I also raised money for the park through Washington’s National Park Fund. (The project’s website — Scott-kranz.com/50peaks — includes a donation option.)

I’m grateful I had a chance to experience, celebrate and support our public lands and national parks, especially this one-of-a-kind park and range that transformed my life.