Photographer: Nathan Berg

Photo taken: June 19, 2022, at Hamma Hamma Falls

Photographer’s description: “It was a typical late spring day in the Olympic Mountains. As with many Washingtonians, my girlfriend and I do not wait for good weather to embark on an adventure. Kelly Bayne and I packed up the dual-sport motorcycles and hit the soggy dirt roads. After a few hours of heavy rainfall, we decided to ride up the mountain. To our amazement, we found ourselves above the clouds in the warm sun and above the beautiful Hamma Hamma Falls.”

Critique: “This is gorgeous. You lucked out on your timing, as the lighting here is just superb for the picture. There is so much to see here, and all of it is beautiful! The color of the water slices right through the forest as it zigs and zags its way down the mountain. The composition is excellent, as well — interesting from top to bottom. I have nothing particularly insightful to say about this image besides, ‘Wow’ — and, of course, thanks for sharing.”

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