A DERELICT GILLNETTER lies on the side of the road at the intersection of Shilshole Avenue Northwest and Northwest 45th Street, a turn along the infamous Burke-Gilman Trail “Missing Link” in Ballard that is well-known to cyclists and people who shop at nearby PCC and the Ballard Blocks.

I thought the Al Hana Leviathan II might be a training prop for students at the Seattle Maritime Academy, which is located across the street. But after taking a closer look and asking around, her story began to make some sense.

No; a tsunami didn’t spit the Leviathan II out of the deep sea. The little fishing boat, which once was moored at Fishermen’s Terminal, was seen months ago at the 14th Avenue Northwest boat ramp just around the corner. Attempts to launch it must have failed, and the boat eventually found its graveyard on this patch of gravel.

If the vessel is still there by the time you read these lines, I’m afraid bringing attention to her with this sketch might be the final nail in her coffin. The shipwreck likely will be removed, but I can’t help but think how fitting it seems for the location. Tipped on its side, the Leviathan II cuts a sculptural shape that resembles a monument to Seattle’s fishing industry.